Letter to Barack Obama (and to the Lords of the earth)

Dear Mr. President Obama,

I'm writing to you worried about the present situation in Syria. I read that the whole world is hanging off your words. One word and it will be wartime! It must be an awful feeling! To hold the destiny of mankind and history in your hands!

I am a thirty-year-old man, my nickname is "Elisha of the desert", and in the last months, I've been drawing the attention of the WWW, also in the States (second place in my blog's view-chart) due to some letters I have written. But I won't be talking about my homosexuality this time! With a threat of war ahead, any classification is perfecty pointless!

To say "war" is to mean "death" to me, who am an ignorant! In front of death, we all find out what we actually are: little, fragile, mortal. Dust! With no distinctions!

Mankind is in your hands, today! Apparently mankind is always in some other mens' hands. Don't you all, Lords of the Earth, feel terribly distressed by this responsability? Your decisions may upset lives, break dreams, inflict suffering, nullify the daily struggle of honest men who fight for a better future; and again, cause hunger and poverty, abuse dignity, tear into pieces love stories, kill children, shock the innocent ones, generate hatred and hatred over and over again.

Isn't History ever satisfied with sorrow? And yet again, man sacrifices innocence, not to meet the other one, not to listen to what he has to say, for he feels himself menaced by him. Some say that war and strength are necessary, at least as a defense. I think war is a form of defense, indeed, even though it is meant as an attack. We use our strength because we are no longer able to look into each other's eyes, listen to our mutual deep needs, show ourselves naked and vulnerable in front of someone else. We make war because we are not able to be men, yet and so we tear each other to pieces like beasts.

Can injustice be stopped by more injustice? Because war, as far as necessary it can be, is always unjust. Beyond any idea, ethnic group, religion, boundery line, military target, there are millions, billions of hearts who dream to be happy, free, who love and look for other hearts; who, deep inside, hope to make their dreams come true. And that's what they are fighting for, each and everyday, with the only strength of their good will and patience.

Are you all really so fulfilled that you no longer feel the thirst for peace and freedom in the deep of men and yourselves? Are you no longer thirsty, Mr. Obama? What dreams do you have, Barack? Aren't you Americans who are teaching us this? Woth your movies, the whole world has learnt to dream. And that's why so many love America.

Mr. Obama, I feel a little silly in writing this letter you will probably never read. I am aware that my thoughts are worth nothing if compared to the urgency of such a sensitive intervention, which involves many political issues that can hardly be solved.

My granpa used to cry until his very last day any time he reminded what he had lived while fighting in World War II. I don't know what fighting a war or being a soldier mean, but this letter is written with the ink of his still undried tears, after seventy years!

I know nothing about politics, nothing about war. I know that life is Desire,it is the pursuit of Happiness and Hope, until the end.

And I say this to you and to anybody in the different parts, at any rate involved with the Syrian issue: DO NOT ROB US OF HOPE!

A trustful greeting

Elisha of the desert.


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